Digital Marketing Services for Managed IT

Digital Marketing Services
for managed IT firms & IT consultants

If you sell information technology services, then we can help you get more qualified first-time appointments through digital marketing.

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human friendly digital marketing for managed IT service companies

Integrity above all else. We believe in marketing with integrity. In other words, we don’t lie, cheat, or steal from anyone – ever. Moreover, we don’t help others do the same. If you operate a shady business, you are not a fit for Paladin Communications.

Critical need. A good managed IT services marketing program should address the importance of business technology support. In other words, without IT services (the troubleshooting, security maintenance, and strategy that you do day-in and day-out for them) their business will crumble.

Guide the hero. Business technology is evolving at an exponential rate. This makes IT hard to navigate. Because of that, IT service companies are positioned as guides who help heroes (end-users) grasp the power on the other side of their keyboard.

It starts with trust. The core of any good marketing campaign is trust. Therefore, digital marketing communication must have a framework for building trust, without ever breaking it. So we don’t overpromise in any of our marketing communications for your future clients. Otherwise, we might win over clients initially but create down-steam leaks out from the other end of of client retention.

Get more qualified first-time appointments.

Lead Inquiry Campaign

Get new inquires through our flagship marketing campaign. We use online networking, outbound email, landing pages, retargeting, and schedulers. After that, the bottom of the funnel activity is yours. Our promise: hundreds of sales leads and several qualified first time appointments – monthly.

Coaching Services

Get performance coaching for your in-house marketing manager. Every week we coach on activity, professional development, and progress toward marketing program goals. Get mentorship toward a profitable marketing program by using best practices in the managed IT industry.

Marketing A La Carte

Need marketing services priced separately? We can help you with the following: marketing strategy, reduced cost-per-click for your ads, SEO copywriting, website conversions, landing pages, client testimonials, online reviews, pitch decks, whitepapers, case studies, and more. Just ask.

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Samuel Hatton has 9 years of marketing experience in the Managed IT Services industry. He’s built many digital prospecting campaigns and has coached dozens of professionals. He holds academic degrees in business administration and performance, as well as several marketing certifications. When he’s not working, he enjoys dating his wife, throwing dance parties with his daughters (ages 2 & 4), and spending time with his guy friends – an outnumbered man has to keep sane. Samuel’s LinkedIn